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The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs was established in 1997 and informs Government actions and education and training providers to address labour market development and skills needs for enterprise in Ireland.  It has contributed to the evolving development of the labour market through its analysis and recommendations in a series of significant reports including:

Tomorrow’s Skills: Towards a National Skills Strategy

In September 2005, the Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment (DETE) requested the EGFSN to undertake research to underpin the development of a National Skills Strategy.  This included the identification of the skills required for Ireland to develop over the period to 2020 as a competitive, innovation-driven, knowledge-based, participative and inclusive economy. In response, the EGFSN carried out a detailed programme of research, the results of which are presented in this document.

All Island Skills Study

Recognising that a skilled workforce will be a key resource for a more prosperous all-island economy, both Governments, North and South, agreed to work together to ensure that the required skills are in place to encourage sustained growth. As a first step, the two skills expert groups established North and South, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs and the Northern Ireland Skills Expert Group, worked together to produce this first All-Island Skills Study. It provides, for the first time, a comprehensive all-island analysis of skills demand. The study was launched at the first All-Island Skills Conference, Building Better Skills Together, in the Millennium Forum, Derry, Co. Londonderry, on 9th October 2008.

Raising Mathematical Achievement

Published in December 2008, this latest report outlines a set of complementary policy proposals aimed at ensuring Ireland becomes one of the top OECD countries in terms of mathematical proficiency. The Expert Group highlights the critical importance of mathematics for our economy and the need for a focused and long term approach to improve the quality and numbers of our mathematical achievement.

Skills Needs in the Irish Economy: The Role of Migration

This report assesses skills needs across a range of occupations and sectors in Ireland and highlights current and future skills shortages. The report examines the likelihood of skills and labour gaps being filled from within the European Economic Area region and makes recommendations on managed economic migration policies.

EGFSN has also produced a number of sectoral skill studies such as: