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Forfás and Expert Group on Future Skills Needs welcome Bonus Points Scheme

Date: 12 October 2010 

Forfás, Ireland's policy advisory board for enterprise and science and the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) today jointly welcomed the bonus points initiative for leaving certificate higher level maths students as announced by the Irish Universities Association (IUA).

"This is an important step to incentivise students to take higher level mathematics in higher numbers, something the EGFSN has advocated since the publication of their report Statement on Raising National Mathematics Achievement in 2008" commented Martin Shanahan, Chief Executive of Forfás.

"While this is a positive development towards raising the numbers of students taking and succeeding at higher level maths, this initiative should now be supported by the other complementary measures highlighted in the 2008 report including the professional development of teachers at both primary and secondary level and the development of a more interactive approach to teaching maths as Project Maths is rolled out nationally" he continued.

Chairperson of the EGFSN, Una Halligan, commented "An adequate supply of people with mathematical, science and ICT skills is crucial to Ireland's future social and economic development, including the development of indigenous companies and the attraction of foreign direct investment.  Maths is important because it underpins many other disciplines such as science, technology, business and finance.  It is a fundamental requirement for the growth of a knowledge economy and the development of a world-class research and innovation system in Ireland.  Maths is important for key occupations in export growth sectors such as life sciences, ICT and the green economy.

"The introduction of the bonus points initiative in universities is a critical development towards ensuring Ireland becomes one of the top OECD countries in terms of mathematical proficiency.  The time is right to now implement the other recommendations of Statement on Raising National Mathematics Achievement".

Publication:Raising National Mathematical Achievement