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Latest News

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  • 08 Oct 2013 EGFSN Statement on the publication of PIACC 2012

    The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs today noted the results of a new major international survey which found that Ireland is making progress in fostering adult literacy. PIACC 2012, an OECD study performed by the CSO for Ireland, found that fewer adults are scoring at lower levels for literacy skills than the previous study undertaken in 1990s. Ireland is one of only five countries in the study to have improved literacy skills. However, overall Irish adults were found to be below average in literacy, ranking 17th out of 24 participating countries.

  • 15 Jul 2013 Expert Group reports show snapshot of Ireland’s skills supply and demand

    The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs today published two reports which together provide a snapshot of the current supply and demand of skills in Ireland. Monitoring Ireland's Skills Supply: Trends in Education and Training Outputs 2013 is the Expert Group's report on the supply of skills to the Irish labour market and the National Skills Bulletin 2013 provides a review of employment trends, job opportunities and demand for skills.

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